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About Brodequin Shoemakers Devon

Sole Types

Here at Brodequin Shoemakers we have chosen Vibram® as it is the world leader in the production of high performance rubber soles. These soles offer a good shock absorbent capacity and elasticity together with extreme light weight. This means they are ideal for comfortable casual wear.

You have a choice of three soles with a variety of different tread patterns. See below for their descriptions.

Vibram® Commando

Black, approx. heel height 30mm. A light weight commando style sole with heel.

Vibram® Superflex

Black, approx. wedge height 20mm. A lightweight flexible sole with wedge.

Vibram® Ribbed

Black, approx. wedge height 25mm. A light weight flexible ribbed sole with wedge.

All Brodequin Footwear is totally resoleable and repairable. We offer a resole service, please contact us for details.

Leather Types and Lorica®

There are four leather types available to you when creating your shoes. See the descriptions below to help you decide which one is right for you.


Hard wearing durable leather with a smooth satin finish.


As smooth but has a textured appearance as the grain is left intact or embossed during the tanning process.


A fine napped leather with an exquisitely soft peach skin feel and matt appearance. In some cases the natural grain is still visible. We advise regular spraying with a leather protector to help repel water and other stains.


(also known as oily pull up) this leather has been impregnated with wax to give it an oily feel. It lightens when stretched to produce a unique distressed aged appearance.

Note: We only use the finest quality full grained leathers. As leather is a natural product it may feature slight marks and variations of texture. The leather descriptions above are a guide only as each hide has its own characteristics.


This is suitable for people who do not wish to wear leather. It is a revolutionary material made by an exclusive system for processing very fine microfibres which allows the shoes to breathe whilst still being water resistant. Lorica is durable and lightweight.


Here at Brodequin colour is important to us and we have made every effort to ensure that the colours displayed on this site are as close to the actual colours of the leathers we use as possible. However, we are aware that different screens can display colours very differently so cannot make any guarantee that the colour you see will be identical to the leather colour you will receive.

Leather Care

The chart below shows the best products to use for protecting the different leather types. Take a look at the 'Accessories' page for ordering leather care products.

Smooth Grained Waxy Nubuck
3x3 Protector Use Use Don't Use Use
Himalaya Wax Use Use Use Don't Use
Coloured Shoe Cream/Polish Use Use Use Don't Use
Dubbin Use Use Use Don't Use
Combi Proper Use Don't Use Don't Use Don't Use
Nubuck Cleaner Don't Use Don't Use Don't Use Use